How an idea becomes a project

We’ll make your ideas real, adapting them to your expectations and possibilities, as well as to the requirements that need to be met in order to obtain a grant.

A perfect application

Our application for funding will not only satisfy formal and content requirements, but it will also get high grades.

Every penny counts

We’ll help you to implement and settle the project in accordance with its guidelines and with the requirements of the financing institution.

Key to success

What our clients appreciate the most is the way we approach tasks: we do not try to scare them by showing how complex a given task is, but we simply carry it out. Together with you.

Success is based on smart strategies

We submitted our first application for funding over 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve supported numerous clients who, thanks to our help, have been able to receive milions of zlotys of subsidies, grants, loans, etc.

We assist our clients in obtaining European funding, as well as subsidies and grants from other sources, both national and international. Our experience includes investment projects implemented both by commercial and public entities, research and development projects, implementation projects for enterprises, as well as numerous educational and training projects which allowed hundreds of young people to improve their chances on the job market.

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At every stage, in a comprehensive way

The scope of our services covers such elements as: the preparation of a project, the preparation of an application for funding, as well as settling a project and evaluating actions undertaken within its framework. We handle projects from A to Z, but we are also involved at every stage of a project.